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Ralph Godwin
Does anyone know if Mr. Godwin is still living?
Last Post: Jun 24th 2013
Author: colemanp
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Mrs Goff the substitute teacher
Elaine, I am so glad you remembered her name! I just remember Mike Bray giving her so much grief. That poor woman!
Last Post: Aug 30th 2008
Author: elainekc
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Remember when......
Hi this is the place to put all of the those great memories....
Like who remembers Driver's Ed with Mr Smith?
Last Post: Jul 29th 2008
Author: raynmkr
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Also, some of us arrived late and missed some of the details of the night or for those who could not attend but might want something from that night, will the memory books be available for purchase...
Last Post: Jul 25th 2008
Author: lgooch
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Time Capsule Contents Predictions
Should it be found, I'd venture a guess its contents include the Color Guard's practice tape sound track to Barry Manilow's "Copacabana". Stay tuned as metal detectors are buzzing the Tate campus as...
Last Post: Jul 21st 2008
Author: dk
# of posts: 21
It's been so fun looking at this site ... it stirs so many great memories and thoughts of a class of really great people - I've missed you ALL! I can't seem to find info on some of you - where are...
Last Post: Jul 16th 2008
Author: ginamarie
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Embarrassing Moments
Coming from a private school where everyone knew each other, my first year at Tate was overwhelming as I only knew 4 people. So I ran for class president. I figured since I couldn't possibly get to...
Last Post: Jun 26th 2008
Author: breier
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Time Matters
I'm writing this with my old pig skin cronies and others in mind. It was late summer, 1977. Like many wishful thinkers, I had aspirations of playing college football. Three others and I headed to...
Last Post: May 29th 2008
Author: DK
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Pep Rallies
Pep rallies were always a fun experience. The combination of the band, skits, competition between classes, school spirit and hanging with my crimson and gray buddies was cause for excitement. I can...
Last Post: Apr 17th 2008
Author: DK
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I took a stroll down memory lane recently when I searched for, found and dusted off my old Tahisco yearbook. Its binding is not as tight (not a reference to coolness for those with teenagers) as it...
Last Post: Apr 5th 2008
Author: DK
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