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Like fashion, what goes around comes around. This time the fashion making the statement is one Carl Madison. Unlike paisley, winning is never out of style which is why the local interest spiked...
Last Post: Feb 4th 2009
Author: DLK
# of posts: 1
Baseball games and practice spark some cool memories. The most amazing was the 18 HRs hit by RH 3 decades ago a legendary feat since we only played 30 games. I can still hear the ricochet off the...
Last Post: Aug 4th 2008
Author: dk
# of posts: 3
Man you hit the nail on the head there I couldn’t have sad it any better I wander what all the old coaches are doing these day’s I here Carl is in Atmore Al. now where is coach mcorvey...
Last Post: Jul 14th 2008
Author: DK
# of posts: 31
Carl had some interesting coaching tools and techniques. Who remembers that steel cage we crabbed around and sprinted through? It took me the better part of 3 years to learn how to efficiently...
Last Post: Jul 3rd 2008
Author: DK
# of posts: 2