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Carl had some interesting coaching tools and techniques. Who remembers that steel cage we crabbed around and sprinted through? It took me the better part of 3 years to learn how to efficiently meander in and out of that contraption. Who was ever on the wrong end of a side line tackling drill and ended up in the practice field bushes? It was like a football equipment yard sale after getting hit by the likes of Jim Daniels. What about those dual harnesses joined by elastic and designed to strengthen our legs. I pitied the guy who got paired with Big George – wasn’t pretty. How about bull in the ring or the monkey roll – do they still do that today? The "Bear" would have been pleased. Who remembers the jog off campus to Stink Creek and back. Reminded me of the clip in "Remember the Titans" when Denzel Washington’s team jogged to a Gettysburg battlefield. I don’t remember an inspiring speech once WE got there but I can remember trying to keep pace with a station wagon driven by one of the coaches. Did Ralph Godwin know we were on a “field trip”?
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