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I took a stroll down memory lane recently when I searched for, found and dusted off my old Tahisco yearbook. Its binding is not as tight (not a reference to coolness for those with teenagers) as it once was, but neither am I. The colorful pages dedicated to the Centennial Class reflected the innocence of youth and produced an assortment of memories. I studied names, faces and captions I had all but forgotten. The hair and clothing style was a bit frightening although I’ve seen similar fashion as of late. It occurred to me that what stirred my mind was a dynamic that comprised a special student body, an instructive faculty and a supportive administration – the latter two of which gave us all an edge out of the gate. The pages printed 30 years ago overflowed with energy, ambition, dreams and uncertainty. I look back with humility, an open mind and a better appreciation of how all of you contributed to making a year long ago a fun chapter worth remembering. Events, between then and now, have given us the thrill of victory and unfortunately, filled hearts with the agony of defeat or far worse. Having said that, I encourage all of you to stay the course and keep running the race with the zeal of your youth and as my friend would say, finish strong. Take care fellow Aggies and thanks for allowing me to overindulge, reflect and express my gratitude.