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Pep Rallies
Pep rallies were always a fun experience. The combination of the band, skits, competition between classes, school spirit and hanging with my crimson and gray buddies was cause for excitement. I can remember making a quick dash through the football locker room, checking out the hair (thicker then) with a dozen others (they know who they are) in close quarters, whipping out a 10 inch comb from my corduroy back pocket, imitating the Fonz in the mirror and then barely squeezing my 17 year old ego out the door in route to the stadium for the rally. After all, I was part of the Big Red Machine, drove a 1962 Ford with 3 good doors & post factory AC, and cruised to the timeless sounds of Cat Stevens' greatest hits. Talk about living large! Truth be known, I was always jazzed following the percussion line's performance toward the end of each rally. That drum line didn't have to say a word because their level of skill was off the charts in my book. I'd end up returning late to class just to listen and watch them close. I remember thinking, just once, Id trade my jersey to handle a set of sticks that well. As fate would have it, my DNA took me in another direction but it's just another example of the fine talent cultivated and hatched from a small campus in NW Florida. DK