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Time Matters
I'm writing this with my old pig skin cronies and others in mind. It was late summer, 1977. Like many wishful thinkers, I had aspirations of playing college football. Three others and I headed to Gainesville to watch the FL v GA HS All Star football game, check out the UF facilities and rub elbows with some college coaches there to observe their prize recruits compete. As the saying goes, you can't teach speed. Guys like the Bennett brothers, Gibbs, HQ and the late M Cook inherited the gift from their family tree. Somewhere in my pedigree was a broken limb. The benchmark for receivers in those days was 4.7 seconds or better in the 40 yard dash......Back to the trip - while in Gainesville and after meeting a much younger Bobby Bowden, I bumped into the then head coach for the University of Houston. After learning of my position, he cut to the chase and asked THAT question - what's your time in the 40? I paused and remembered thinking to myself, If I run down hill, wind at my back, chased by a dog, shaved body, bare feet with a swimmer's cap to minimize resistance maybe, just maybe.....I blurted out 4.9ish. Without hesitation, he replied, "you must have good hands" and moved on to the next subject. I smile when I think about that exchange now, but it was a jaw dropper at the time. Unaware, I experienced the presence of God (not Bowden) that day and in the days to follow. My wish was not part of His plan. In retrospect, two or three tenths of a second faster may have meant not ever knowing my in-laws beautiful daughter or the blue eyed babies she brought into this world. Funny how precious time can be.