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Embarrassing Moments
Coming from a private school where everyone knew each other, my first year at Tate was overwhelming as I only knew 4 people. So I ran for class president. I figured since I couldn't possibly get to know everyone, at least they would know who I was....the new kid. I can still hear the whispers...who's that girl?
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I hear you Helen. Nothing like an ice breaker. One of several e-moments for me was sophomore yr., the Aggies at an Al Capone led Clearwater HS Tornados football match-up. I'm 2nd on the depth chart behind #12 at WR. Our QB, #18 had a slight injury - the specifics I don't recall but there was a question whether he would start or even play. If he sits, #12 QBs and I start at WR - or so I thought. Pre-game was aligning with the second scenario which resulted in two sweaty palms. You know what they say when you assume. Well, we won the coin toss and elected to receive. The first series I proudly run on to the field with the rest of the offense. I get in the huddle only to find Alfred E. calling the play. Apparently I didn't get the memo as #18 started which means we had an illegal 12th man on the field - guess who. I remember getting one of those "what planet are you on" looks from the huddled upper classmen. A penalty flag later (before the first snap) and I found myself having a little one on one chat with Carl - it was painful but brief. We won the game in spite of my assumption and I had a good sideline view for the rest of the contest. One of but many, away from the classroom, learning experiences.

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Looking back there were many moments I wish had never happened. I too came from a very small private school and that first year amazed me. I would have to say the most embarrasing moment occurred our Junior year. I forget who was with me at the time, but we were caught leaving school for lunch. This got us a visit with the dean. When we showed up, he couldn't tell who we were because none of us had ever been there before. Mr Bryant happened to be in the office, and he proposed that if we agreed to take astronomy our senior year, that a single stroke of the paddle would suffice, and no record of our visit would ever be found. That was all well and good, but when I showed up to my next class quite late, the teacher just had to read the note out loud for all to enjoy. Looking back it was all pretty small, but at the time I could not have envisioned anything more devistating.
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HB, I remember coming from that same private school:) It was a scary first year, but we made it! Thanks for being such a good friend! PSC Image